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Drain Cleaning

drain cleaning yorba linda caClogged drains are some of the worst problems a homeowner can experience. After all, who wants to deal with standing water or, even worse, water that’s going everywhere. At Best Service, we know that you need your drains to work. That’s why we are available 24/7, so you can always get your drains cleaned, even when it’s an emergency.

If you have frequent drain problems in your Yorba Linda, CA home, we can deal with those, too. We’ll find the underlying cause and get it taken care of, so your home functions well and so you don’t have to worry about further drain problems causing damage to your home. If you need your sewer drain cleaned, we’ll take care of it so that the rest of the drains in your house will work as they should.

Drain Cleaning: Should You DIY It?

If you want to try to clean your own drains, you’re free to do so. However, it’s best if you have some plumbing experience or at least have watched an expert do it before. Whenever you work on your own drains, you run some risk of damaging your pipes, which would require even more work from a professional to set right.

The most common way of cleaning your drains yourself is to use a chemical solvent. You buy this at your local hardware store and follow the directions on the bottle, since different brands may be used slightly differently. In general, you pour the agent down your drain, wait a specified amount of time, then run water down the drain again and hope that it is clear.

These solvents work by dissolving the clogs in your drains, so they may not work if the clog is a solid or is something difficult to dissolve. On the other hand, if you leave them in too long, they can damage or even put holes in your pipes. Some of the solvents are that strong! As long as you follow the directions specifically, you shouldn’t damage your drain.

Another common way that people clean their drains themselves is to rent a plumber’s snake at the local hardware store. This is a claw or a hook on the end of a flexible metal tube that you thread down your pipes. When the snake encounters the clog, the hope is that the claw or hook can push through it or pull it out.

The problem with using these on your own is that they can get stuck in your pipes. This often requires calling a plumber in Yorba Linda and cutting the rented snake, so you have to pay both the repair man and the hardware store. You may also have to replace an entire section of pipe, if we can’t get the rented snake out.

If you want to work on your Yorba Linda home yourself, that’s your choice. It’s important that you know, however, that you are taking a risk. It might be better off to call a plumber you can trust!

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