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Sewer Repair

sewer repair anaheim caDo you have sewer problems in Anaheim, CA? If you do, we can help you get them fixed so you can rest easy in your home again. After all, we have our name for a reason: we offer the best service you can possibly get when it comes to plumbing. Let us prove it to you by helping you solve your sewer problem quickly and efficiently.

When you call Best Service, you’re calling the very best plumber Orange County has to offer. Our staff have excellent training and are experienced in dealing with all sorts of sewer issues. They’re trained to use the latest technology, too, so you can fee sure that you’re getting a high-quality repair to your issue.

Sewer Repair Technology

It used to be that sewer repair meant digging up your whole yard. The plumbers would have to dig a trench along your sewer line until they found the problem. Then, they’d have to dig out that area to repair the pipe. After they left, your plumbing would work but you’d have to redo much of your yard. This could mean replacing grass, trees, shrubs, and more, up to and including sidewalk and driveway repair.

With pictures of this in their minds, it’s no wonder many homeowners avoid sewer repair at all cost! After all, who wants to go through all of that?

However, sewer repair has gotten much easier, thanks to technology. To diagnose a problem, plumbers can now thread a camera on a flexible metal tube down the inside of your sewer line. They do this from the sewer access in your home, so they don’t have to dig at all.

Then, they perform the repair the same way. They send the necessary supplies down the pipe via the existing sewer line. It’s even possible to replace entire sections of pipe this way! The whole thing gets done via technology, without destroying anything in or around your yard.

The only holes that are occasionally necessary are very small, and usually can be dug in such a way that they avoid damaging anything that is particularly important to you or difficult to repair in your yard. Many repairs don’t require these holes, either. The only way for us to find out if they’re necessary is to diagnose the problem with your sewer.

Emergency Sewer Repair

Most sewer problems give you plenty of warning that they’re coming. You pipes might all clog at once, or your plumbing system might begin to have strange problems that don’t make any sense.

Sometimes, though, your sewer problem will manifest in a way that’s emergent. If this happens to you, give us a call. Our sewer experts are available to help you out. We’ll make sure that your sewer does as little damage as possible to your home, and then we’ll perform the necessary repairs as fast as we can. Our goal is to leave you a satisfied customer, whether your sewer problem comes on slowly or happens all at once.