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Pipe Repairs and Leaks

pipe repairs leaks anaheim caAre you having a problem with the pipes in your Anaheim, CA home? Usually, leaks and other pipe problems are pretty obvious: there’s water spraying everywhere, the floor is wet, or you see wet marks on a ceiling or wall. Occasionally, though, broken pipes will hide from you. A slow leak can cause water to build up over time. You’ll eventually know that you have a problem, but you might not know right away.

The first thing you do once you know you have a leak is to shut off the water. If you can do it locally, to that room or even just that pipe, great. However, you may need to shut off the main water valve to your home. This means you won’t be able to use your water for a while, but it also means that the broken pipe won’t do any more damage.

The next thing to do is to call us, your trusted plumber in Anaheim, CA. We are experts in locating and repairing broken pipes in Anaheim, CA, even if you’re not entirely sure where the leak is coming from. Let us take on that stress and strain so you can get back to your daily routine, knowing your home is in excellent hands.

Broken Pipe Repair

The first step to any pipe repair in Anaheim, CA happens when our plumber arrives at your house on time. We know that people don’t always trust plumbers, and for good reason. However, we want to be the ones that show you exactly how we’re not like other plumbers.

Once we’re there, we’ll introduce ourselves to you and listen to anything you need to tell us about the broken pipe. When you’ve finished and we’ve asked any follow up questions we might have, we’ll take a look at the problem area. We’ll do what needs to be done to assess your problem, figure out where the pipe broke, why it broke, and what was damaged in the process.

After that, we’ll let you know how we plan to fix the pipe. Most likely, we’ll have the tools and pieces with us, though we may need to order something or go get a piece at your local hardware store. Once we have all of the pieces and tools that we need, we’ll get everything working again for you, just as fast as we can.

If your home experienced water damage before you were able to turn off the water, we’ll help you get in touch with some of the best water mitigation people around. Just because that’s not part of our job doesn’t mean that we won’t help you as much as we can!

When everything is done, we’ll have you turn your water back on again and test the pipe repair. If it doesn’t leak, we’ll know we’ve done our jobs. If it does, we’ll figure out where that leak is and fix it, too. We won’t leave until the job is completely done and you’re completely satisfied. This means that we’ll answer all of your questions and stay until you feel confident your home is working well.

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