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Drain Cleaning

Are you having problems with the drains in your Anaheim, CA home? Maybe the run slow, or some of them don’t run at all, or they all seem to back up at once. No matter the problem you’re having, we have plumbers on call who will come out with their professional equipment and get your home running again, just the way it should.

Our plumbers are drain specialists. They clean all types of clogs – big ones, little ones, easy-to-find ones, and ones that hide deep in your pipes. They will even clean your sewer drain, if it turns out that’s what’s needed.

Drain Cleaning 101

drain cleaning anaheim caMany people want to try to clean their drains on their own before they call a professional. That choice is always up to you, but when you do this you run the risk of damaging your pipes. Many people clean their own drains and never have that happen. However, one problem can cost quite a bit to fix, so it’s worthwhile to know the dangers.

The first way that people try to clean their pipes on their own is with a chemical agent. You follow the directions on the bottle, but most of these require you to pour them down your clogged pipe, wait a particular period of time, then run water through the pipe.

Most of these agents work by dissolving your clog. However, if you buy the wrong type for your pipes or you don’t wash it out at the right time, it can also dissolve your pipes. This results in pipe replacement, patching holes, etc., which costs a lot more than having a plumber in Anaheim CA fix the clog in the first place.

Other people try to rent a snake to send down their pipes. This is a long, flexible metal tube with some sort of claw or hook on the end. The idea is that you run it down the pipe until the claw or hook can dislodge or remove the clog.

The problem that some people run into with these is that the snakes you can rent from the store aren’t the same quality as the ones plumbers use. Unless you have experience or your clog is close to the surface, you risk getting the snake caught in your pipes. This means calling a plumber to have it removed, which can involve dismantling more of your plumbing than you’d have thought! Once again, it’s cheaper to call a plumber in the first place.

Emergency Drain Cleaning

If your pipes clog and something overflows, the first thing you need to do is turn off your water. You can do this locally, only shutting down the water to the sink or bathroom where the clog is, or you can turn off the water main in your utility closet.

After you do that, give us a call. We’ll help you sort out the problem and get it solved quickly and efficiently. And if there was any water damage done, we’ll steer you towards the right people so you can get that made right, too!