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August 16, 2016

Why You Should Consider an Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Yorba Linda, CA Right Now

California experiences high temperatures year-round, even when other parts of the country are breaking out the extra sweaters and blankets during the fall and winter. Though summer will be ending in a month, that doesn’t the hot weather will be going along with it. In fact, the residents of Yorba Linda, CA will still need to prepare themselves for plenty of heat and humidity ahead. That’s why calling for an air conditioning tune-up in Yorba Linda, CA may just be ... Read More
August 9, 2016

4 Warnings Signs You Need Home Rewiring in Yorba Linda, CA

Was your home built more than 15 years ago? If it was, them it’s probably a good idea to consider home rewiring in Yorba Linda, CA. Why You Might Need Home Rewiring in Yorba Linda, CA Home rewiring isn’t something you do often—in fact, most homeowners will try to avoid having to do it at all. The first reason for this is that home rewiring is invasive: your entire electrical system needs an overhaul, which means you’ll have electricians working in every ... Read More
August 9, 2016

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Even though we enjoy a pretty healthy lifestyle in Yorba Linda, California we do spend a lot of time indoors. Whether in an office environment or in our homes, we often spend more time inside than outside, and the air that circulates throughout the structures where we live and work affects our health in many ways. Unhealthy indoor air can cause the following:
  • Increased reactions to allergens
  • Runny, watery eyes
  • Stuffy, congested nasal passages
  • Constant runny nose
  • Sore or scratchy throat
  • ... Read More
July 30, 2016

Keep Power in Your Home with Surge Protection in Yorba Linda, CA

Are you plugged into the digital age we live in? If so you should consider investing in whole home surge protection in Yorba Linda, CA. Whole home surge protection blocks the over-voltages that can occur when too much power is dispensed. This means your electronics and appliances won’t experience sudden surges in electricity which can damage or destroy them. Read on for good reasons to install this important protection in your home. Whole home surge protection minimizes potential damage to costly ... Read More
July 26, 2016

Plumbing Emergencies

Best Service has been serving the Orange County area for years and we have built our reputation as the most trusted and dependable plumber in Orange County through our hard work and attention to detail. Throughout our time in the area, we have worked with a number of homeowners who have experienced plumbing emergencies and know the frustrations that can come from these situations! While you may not be able to plan for a plumbing emergency, there are steps that ... Read More
July 22, 2016

3 Types of Outdoor Lighting in Yorba Linda, CA to Consider This Summer

Outdoor lighting in Yorba Linda, CA is exactly what you need this summer to make your property shine brightly. When your home’s exterior isn’t equipped with enough lights, it can give off the vibe that’s not necessarily a place any passerby wouldn’t want to go near. Worse, it makes your home susceptible to intruders and put the safety of your family immediately in danger. Outdoor lighting isn’t for making your home look nice; it’s also designed to keep everyone safe. If ... Read More
July 20, 2016

5 Easy Ways to Cut Cooling Costs This Summer

As we head into the dog days of summer, temperatures in Orange County will continue to rise, which can put a strain on your HVAC system, as well as your wallet. The team at Best Service are experts in all types of air conditioning maintenance and repair, meaning we assist you with maintenance and repair of your cooling systems to stay cool all summer long. While air conditioning maintenance and service will assist you in keeping your ... Read More
July 20, 2016

Best Service Offers Water Efficiency Tips for Homeowners Amid Drought

Leading Orange County electrical, plumbing and HVAC company offers tips to save money and water for California homeowners

YORBA LINDA, Calif. July 20, 2016 – Best Service, a leading residential electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning company serving Orange County, California, advises local homeowners on best practices for water conservation and efficiency during the summer months. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average family spends more than $1,000 each year in water costs and consumes 400 gallons of ... Read More
July 14, 2016

Call for Faucet Replacement in Yorba Linda, CA When You Notice These Warning Signs!

Your faucet is responsible for providing you with a steady flow of water for washing dishes, brushing your teeth, or even just fixing yourself a nice glass of water. It’s one of the most essential features of your plumbing system. But, like any fixture, there may come a point where your current faucet has seen better days and you will need to consider faucet replacement in Yorba Linda, CA. Refusal to seek replacement in a timely fashion can lead to ... Read More
July 8, 2016

3 Signs You Need Toilet Repair in Yorba Linda, CA

You might not acknowledge it often, but your toilet is a critical fixture in your house. It’s one of those things that no one really talks or thinks about — until something goes wrong, of course, at which point it rises to the top of everyone’s mind! Sometimes, though, it’s not completely obvious that your plumbing may be experiencing problems, and being unaware of the warning signs can lead to issues that require repair or replacement.Want to keep your toilet ... Read More